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Pada hari sabtu,23 Agustus 2008,sekolah saya mengadakan lomba-lomba menyambut datangnya bulan suci ramadhan,cukup ramai,ada lomba MTQ,MHQ,Lomba Adzan,Pidato Bhs.Indonesia dan Ingrris,sampai loba Qosidah pun ditampilkan.Saya ditunjuk untuk mengikuti lomba pidato bahasa inggris,dan saya pun dengan tenang mengikuti sesi lombanya.Saya ingin coba mempublikasikan naskah teks yang saya baca di lomba tersebut,judulnya The Prayer.Silahkan dilihat yah...
Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb
Hello ladies and gentlemen...!

To start it off,,I would like to dedicate my speech to the most important people in my life and thank them for their consistant love and support in which they to give me day after day..

So to my parents,brother,sister,teachers and all of my friends,,thank you.
And without you,all the judges,I would not be able to participating this awesome contest..

So now I would like to start my speech of religion,with the title "The Prayer"

Ladies and gentleman,I have a little story for you,and this is my story..

When the child asking to his father,"Father,Why we must fasting?" So,father answered,"We must fasting because fasting is important for our religion,and our life.And you must remember, fasting is important."

From the story above,we can understand that the fasting is very important in our life,and islam community must do fasting in ramadhan months,and who has disagree that,it's same withe big sin,and of course, I know..You're all is dont want,if a sin catch you...isn't it??

So,because we start fasting in 9 days left,Let us guide our heart to pray to Allah Swt,and pray for the happiness.and let be this our prayer.Our little prayer.

Dear Ladies and gentlemen...!!!

Let's do the best before we start fasting,don't do the worst of ourself.And thank to god who has already give a million of happiness.

And it's all my speech and I hope you understand the message from my speech.Thank You once again for your attention.See you again in another time..

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Memamng sih gak terlalu bagus naskahnya....he he tapi keren juga karena gini-gini bikin sendiri....


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